A Day in the Life at Hader Heating & Cooling

Every day at Hader Heating & Cooling is an opportunity to learn, grow, and serve our community in Westwood, OH, Delhi, OH, Bridgetown, OH, Dent, OH, Groesbeck, OH & White Oak, OH. It’s an ever-changing environment where we ensure everyone’s home is properly heated or cooled for optimal comfort.

Furnace Replacement

Generally, we start our day checking our schedules for the diverse tasks lined up for us. Frequently, we deal with furnace replacements. Ohio’s cold winters demand fully functional heating systems, and it’s our responsibility to ensure our clients’ homes stay warm during the chilly months. The process typically involves checking the current furnace’s age and efficiency before recommending a replacement.

Central Air Installation

Next, we often move to Central Air installations. Installing central air systems is quite rewarding, especially after seeing the relief on our clients’ faces when they feel the cool, fresh air streaming from their new system. Our team uses the latest technologies to ensure a proper installation that satisfies our clients’ cooling needs. Each installation is carried out meticulously, ensuring every room in the house is adequately cooled.

Heating System Replacement & Air Conditioning Maintenance

Throughout the day, we also manage heating system replacements and air conditioning maintenance. A well-maintained AC system significantly improves air quality and reduces energy bills. Replacing a heating system can seem daunting for our clients, but with our efficient and careful service, we assure them of an easy, seamless transition.

Heater Repair in Various Locations

No day ends without a few heater repairs. Living in Ohio and its unpredictable weather conditions, a broken heater can be a nightmare for homeowners. We service a broad range of makes and models, so we are always ready to handle any heater repair service that comes our way. We pride ourselves on prompt, reliable service in Westwood, Bridgetown, Delhi, Dent, White Oak, and Groesbeck.

Every day at Hader Heating & Cooling is filled with opportunities to solve new challenges, learn something new, and make a difference in our community. This role allows us to provide comfort to families throughout our service area, by providing a heating or cooling solution that fits their needs perfectly.