Debunking Common Myths: J. E. Shekell’s Guide to HVAC and Electrical Truths

At J. E. Shekell, we pride ourselves on being a trusted source of information and reliable services in the Evansville, Newburgh, and Princeton areas. However, we often encounter persistent myths and misconceptions surrounding our services, including electrician services in Evansville, IN, air conditioner repair in Newburgh, IN, and AC company services in Princeton, IN. In this blog post, we aim to dispel some of these myths and provide you with accurate information.

Myth #1: Closing Air Vents Saves Energy

One common myth is that closing air vents in unused rooms can save energy. However, this is not true. Closing vents can actually increase the strain on your HVAC system, causing it to work harder and use more energy. It’s better to keep all vents open and adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature.

Myth #2: Bigger is Always Better for AC Units

Another misconception is that larger air conditioning units are always more effective. In reality, an oversized unit will cycle on and off more frequently, leading to uneven cooling, increased energy consumption, and potential moisture problems. Our experts at J. E. Shekell can help you select the properly sized unit for your home or business.

Myth #3: Electrical Work is a DIY Project

While some minor electrical tasks can be handled by homeowners, most electrical work should be left to licensed professionals. Attempting complex electrical projects without proper training and expertise can lead to safety hazards, property damage, and potential code violations. Our experienced electricians in Evansville, IN, are equipped to handle all your electrical needs safely and efficiently.

At J. E. Shekell, we are committed to providing accurate information and top-notch services to our customers. If you have any questions or concerns about HVAC, electrical, or related topics, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team. We’re here to help you separate fact from fiction and ensure your comfort and safety.