A Day in the Life: Roofing with Ocean Breeze Property Services

Rise and Shine: The Life of a Roofer

As an employee of Ocean Breeze Property Services, my day starts early. The alarm goes off at 5:30 AM, and I’m up and ready to tackle another day of residential roofing challenges in beautiful Rhode Island.

6:30 AM: Team Huddle

I arrive at our headquarters in South Kingstown, RI, where we gather for our morning briefing. Today’s agenda includes a roof replacement in Wakefield and a repair job in Narragansett. Our team leader goes over the day’s tasks, safety protocols, and weather forecast.

7:30 AM: On the Road

We load up our trucks with materials and head to our first job site in Wakefield. The drive gives us time to discuss the project details and enjoy the scenic Rhode Island coastline.

8:00 AM: Roof Replacement Begins

At the job site, we start the roof replacement process:

  • Set up safety equipment
  • Remove old roofing materials
  • Inspect and repair underlying structure
  • Install new underlayment and shingles

12:00 PM: Lunch Break

We take a quick break to refuel and hydrate. Working on roofs can be physically demanding, so proper nutrition is crucial.

1:00 PM: Finish and Clean Up

We complete the roof replacement, perform a final inspection, and clean up the job site. Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Ocean Breeze Property Services.

3:00 PM: Second Job – Repair in Narragansett

We head to our next assignment in Narragansett for a local roof repair. This job involves fixing a leak and replacing damaged shingles.

5:30 PM: Wrap Up and Return

After finishing the repair work, we head back to headquarters. We unload equipment, complete paperwork, and discuss the day’s achievements and challenges.

6:30 PM: Home Sweet Home

I return home, tired but satisfied with another day of providing quality roofing services to our Rhode Island communities. From North Kingstown to Newport, and East Greenwich to South Kingstown, Ocean Breeze Property Services is committed to keeping local roofs in top shape.

As I relax for the evening, I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s roofing adventures!